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Meticulous attention to detail applies to more than just our work

product knowledge, precision and passion for excellence

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At XXXXXXXXXXXX, paying meticulous attention to detail does not just apply to our work; our team of electricians has been handpicked for their product knowledge, precision and passion for excellence. They have a wealth of experience in electric repairs, diagnosing and servicing.

We take pride in having more than a decade of experience in the industry, with all of our electricians having been thoroughly screened and police checked, so you can feel safe choosing XXXXXXXXXXXX to handle your electrical issues.

When we say we pay close attention to detail, we really mean it. We often come across previous electrician’s work that has had little to no care put in. XXXXXXXXXXXX will always make sure new lines and conduit are in an orderly layout that won’t get in your way.

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Our Electrical Services

XXXXXXXX XXXXXXX can handle anything that you may need to have serviced. Whether it's electrical maintenance, installations, or an emergency electrician call out, we promise the finest customer service.

Residential Electrician

Residential Electrician

From switchboard upgrades and electrical rewiring, to LED lighting, smoke alarm installation and security lighting, we can do it all. Our qualified electricians are experienced and licensed to carry out all types of residential electrical work.
Commercial Electrician

Commercial Electrician

We provide electrical installation services for both industrial and commercial purposes. Our team can inspect and maintain communication cabling, industrial controls, and lighting systems, while minimising downtime and maintaining safety.
Emergency Electrician

Emergency Electrician

Our fast response team give you protection against all dangerous electrical hazards. Power outages and shorts circuits саn happen at any time. We guarnatee to provide you with а safe аnd reliable solution day or night.

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Local Professionals

Skilled & Experienced Professional

Warranty Guarantee

All our work is Fully Guaranteed

24/7 Emergency Call

Always on-call for Emergencies

Safety Priority

Safety is our Primary Concern

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We are the local electrical experts in SUBURB

Local Professionals

Safe and Efficient Service

Fully Guaranteed and Insurance Backed

Honest and Open Advice

Residential and Commercial Experts

Available 24/7 for Emergencies

Helpful FAQs

We are experts at electrical maintenance, installations and emergency call outs. Check out some of our frequently asked questions, or contact us if you have a specific issue.

We certify the work is safe and complies with regulations before supply is connected. Certifications can be independently validated for authenticity with Energy Safety. If completed correctly, modern electrical and gas installations will remain safe for the installation’s expected life.
Yes, you should request one. As of the 1st July 2008, all electrical contractors must supply an electrical safety certificate within 28 days of their service. This certificate guarantees your work was safely performed by licensed electrical contractors and complies with regulation standards.
Yes you do. In 2009 it became compulsary for all houses, units, etc, being sold or rented to have smoke alarms fitted. Mains powered smoke alarms are wired into your house’s electrical system and have to be installed and tested by a licensed electrical contractor.
RCDs are safety devices designed to prevent death by electric shock. These devices monitor the flow of electricity within a circuit. If the amount of electricity flowing into a circuit exceeds the amount leaving, the RCD automatically cuts the electricity supply to the house.

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